Evaluate a broker’ safety before starting to trade

When you decide to start trading online, finding the right trading platform is certainly one of the most important keys to success. Safety first and foremost.

Security first

Did you decide that the time has come to make the first investments? Do you want to change your usual broker for something new?
The main characteristic that a good broker must have is the degree of reliability and security that it is able to guarantee. The scams and potential deception, unfortunately, are just around the corner, especially when it comes to trading, so it is essential to make sure you have chosen a transparent and secure platform. To comply with these parameters, the broker must have at least two certifications: the CONSOB, that is the entity that is responsible for guaranteeing the quality and security of this type of transaction and the CySec (Cyprus securities exchange commission on latribune), useful to guarantee other types of operations in the EU.

Then there are also other peculiarities you should look for: among the most important are the presence of an efficient customer service and the quality and ease of use of the site. Customer support is important because it guarantees users a constant source of information, advices and resolutions of technical problems. Better still if this service is provided in several languages ​​and is always available during the day. Also a lean and intuitive site, on the other hand, is essential: it allows operations to be carried out smoothly, as well as in a more secure way.
You should check also which type of data encryption is used and how your information is processed. Generally, the best trading platforms use firewalls both on the server and at the application level, and they are not afraid of sharing with you what their cybersecurity efforts are.

But also reliability


Obviously, it is essential to ensure that the trading platform to which you choose to refer is reliable. It should not lag or crash often – especially at times of news or global economic events that could result in major benefits or disadvantages to your trading positions – and it must be able to carry out actions and communications always in real time. The reliability of a platform should therefore be an element on which to pay close attention (#optionmag), and which you can of course test by opening a demo account. Bet on a stable platform that never crashes or crashes very rarely, especially if you are going to do frequent trading.

The possibility to open a demo account

To evaluate the security of a platform and to identify the best one for you, there is no better solution than opening demo accounts and comparing them with specificity and calm. In fact, most brokers will allow you to open a demo trading account before opening a real trading account: that possibility will allow you not only to fully test your trading strategy, but also to try the broker’s software. with the necessary calm, helping you to decide better which is the best trading platform for you.

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